Tabor & Nichols Israel Tour March 2021 – Walking the Ancient Paths

Experience the Holy Land on a Level that Most Tours Miss

February 26 – March 9, 2021

Prof. James D. Tabor and Biblical teacher Ross Nichols are teaming up again for an exclusive tour of the Holy Land from February 26 – March 9, 2021. Even if you have traveled to Israel before, or specifically traveled with Tabor or Nichols, this is the tour for you.

We will take you behind the scenes, exploring new archaeological and textual discoveries as they are related to the key Biblical sites we will visit. No tour can cover everything, but we will take you, quite literally, from Dan to Beersheba – and even 60 miles south, deep into the Arava, locating one of the biblical “camps” of the ancient Israelites in the time of Moses.

Anyone interested in biblical history and literature will find this tour refreshing and educational from beginning to end. We have no expectations regarding belief systems, politics, or faith orientations. All that is required to go on this tour is a strong orientation toward learning more about the Bible and its history and archaeology.

The tour will transform the way you read and understand the Bible. Throughout the tour, we will share the stories that you know well from the texts, in the very places where the events actually took place. We are limiting the number of registrants to 40–one busload—because we want each person to have time to interact directly with Dr. Tabor and Ross Nichols.

Video Promo for “See the Sites, Go Behind the Scenes.”

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