Remembering David Horowitz

Welcome to a new monthly series titled “Remembering David Horowitz” written by Ralph Buntyn, Executive Vice-President of United Israel. David Horowitz was the dean of the United Nations Press Corps, serving since the founding of the world organization in San Francisco in 1945. He was also the President and Founder of “United Israel World Union” (1943-44).

Ralph Buntyn Consulting with United Israel Founder David Horowitz
Ralph Buntyn Consulting with United Israel Founder David Horowitz

Those familiar with United Israel World Union will recognize many of the stories, but hopefully benefit from much of the detail and facts that form “the rest of the story” of this remarkable man who died at age 99 in 2002.

For those unfamiliar with the Horowitz saga, we are pleased to share these incredible episodes as a way of honoring Horowitz for his selfless, untiring devotion for the cause of universal Torah faith, the establishment and well-being of the State of Israel and humanitarian ideals.

Ralph Buntyn, historian and researcher, has published  many articles and essays in various media outlets. He is currently working on a biography of David Horowitz covering the years 1945-2002, providing a sequel to the Horowitz autobiography Thirty-Three Candles published in 1949.

For readers unfamiliar with the late founder of United Israel World Union we have posted a full bibliography here: David Horowitz: A Life Remembered. You may also access a moving tribute to Horowitz by his fellow UN correspondent Vanni Cappelli here and the New York Times obituary here.

Archive of the series “Remembering David Horowitz”

  1. He Walked with Kings and Rulers
  2. Dialogue with an Arab King
  3. Controversy Over Zion Comes to the UN
  4. When Prophecy Echoed in the White House
  5. A Decade of Change: The Greatest Generation
  6. What A Difference A Year Makes
  7. Twin Flames of Freedom: An Eternal Bond
  8. When Israel Was A Child
  9. The Gathering Storm
  10. Back to the Desert–War Over Suez
  11. The Ides of April: Twin Anniversary Celebration
  12. Out of Africa
  13. United Israel–An Iconic Symbol
  14. Bringing the Torah to Harlem
  15. The US and UN “Under New Management”
  16. Remember Amalak–Justice in Ramala
  17. The Change in Spain–An Extraordinary Connection
  18. Among Jethro’s People
  19. The Strange Saga of “Eddie” Abrams
  20. Countdown to War
  21. And After Six Days…
  22. Twelve Volatile Months