Messiah Series – Part Two

In this second class of the Messiah series, Ross shows an important development in the Bible’s presentation of the Messiah. Whereas the Torah only speaks of a priest as Messiah, the prophets begin to associate the anointing with the king. Ross continues the study of messiah by discussing the role of the king in ancient Israel. He shares an ancient parable from the book of Judges, and discusses Israel’s first and forgotten anointed king. Following the bible’s unfolding story of the monarchy, Ross suggests that the request for a king, was understood to be a departure from the ideal.


  1. Ross K Nichols

    Sorry Robbyn, I am preparing these classes as I teach them and therefore the passages used, are compiled as I go:)

  2. I’m very interested in this series, Ross. Are there study passages for the upcoming installments? PS Florida is further south than Louisiana:-D

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