Messiah – Part Six

Join Ross Nichols and Roots of Faith for Part Six in the popular Messiah Series. In this teaching, Ross continues his quest for the authentic description of the Messiah. Ross explores some of the points used within the Christian Scriptures to show that Jesus of Nazareth is the long awaited Messiah of the Hebrew Bible. Do the passages employed by the gospel writers prove this? Does the Hebrew Bible predict the birth, life, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus? Carefully reviewing the contexts of verses used in the Christian Bible, Ross challenges some of the conclusions reached by Christianity.


  1. Hi Ross, I am enjoying your series on the Messiah. I like your approach to the topic, from a neutral point of view and in context of the primary meanings and historical recorded context. That is, dual and prophetic meanings to scriptures are or sure not be the first and only interpretation of verses of scripture without reading it in its primary historical context or immanent or past fulfillment.

    I am very pleased that you mention Yeshua, Messiah. I am Messianic. One phenomenon all people who believe in Hashem must come to term with is Christianity exist due to some event and person. The historian Luke recoding the words of the high priest Gamalie. from Acts 5 explains it best. Acts 5: ³⁴ But a Pharisee in the council named Gamaliel, a teacher of the law, respected by all the people, stood up and ordered the men to be put outside for a short time. ³⁵ Then he said to them, “Fellow Israelites, consider carefully what you propose to do to these men. ³⁶ For some time ago Theudas rose up, claiming to be somebody, and a number of men, about four hundred, joined him; but he was killed, and all who followed him were dispersed and disappeared. ³⁷ After him Judas the Galilean rose up at the time of the census and got people to follow him; he also perished, and all who followed him were scattered. ³⁸ So in the present case,I tell you, keep away from these men and let them alone; because if this plan or this undertaking is of human origin, it will fail; ³⁹ but if it is of God, you will not be able to overthrow them—in that case you may even be found fighting against God!” (Jewish Annotated Bible).

    It is like dinosaur bones. They exist. It is how people interpret them that make them a subject of evolution or creation, but the evidence is there. ” if it is of God, you will not be able to overthrow them—in that case you may even be found fighting against God!”, If Yeshua was not the Messiah then he was like the others Gamaliel mentioned and all his life and sacrifice would have been come to nought. However, it is undeniable that Christianity came from the TANAK because it is of God. If religion interpreted the facts or evidence according to their own beliefs it is to their peril. However, Judaism cannot deny that the message of the Messiah was of man because it has bought the world to believe in Hashem. I say believe, not necessary know Him. Yeshua, the Messiah have made Hashem known to the world. If Hashem was not behind Yeshua and His disciples, Christianity would not exist. Gameliel word cannot be ignored as he warned not to fight against Hashem.

    Thank you for your lessons. Look forward to the seventh one.

    Blessings and shalom

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