2017 Tour to Israel

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 9.06.54 AMBlossoming Rose of Cedar Spring, Michigan, has just announced a tour to Israel March 3-14th, 2017.

This tour is especially designed by your hosts to give you an incredibly full Holy Land experience by including sites literally from Dan to Beersheba. The phrase, “from Dan to Beersheba” became a way to specify the entire land of Israel by writers of Scripture (Judges 20:1; I Samuel 3:20; II Samuel 3:10, 17:11, 24:2, 15; & I Kings 5:5). The tour will focus primarily on three main areas; the Galilee, Jerusalem, and the wilderness regions.

Participants will visit sites associated with the Patriarchal narratives as well as sites associated with the formative years of Christianity, but all along the way you will be exposed to the modern miracle of the State of Israel. This tour will place special emphasis on the role of “Israel” – past, present and future, by uniquely connecting history with prophecy and the present reality with the ancient past. It is about uniting people with the land and thereby with the roots of their faith. For those interested primarily in the historicity and archaeological evidence for the biblical accounts, the tour will also provide a “you are there” survey of many of the sites well-known from the Bible from an archaeological and evidential perspective. There is no effective substitute for actually seeing the sites in person.

On this tour, the Bible will be our guide. The Scriptures will take on new meaning as we take you on an exploration of the land that God calls His own (Leviticus 25:23) – a land that His eyes are on always (Deuteronomy 11:12). As we walk the time worn streets and surrounding hills and valleys, the Bible will come to life before your very eyes. You will walk where prophets, kings and messiahs walked and you will forever be changed as a result.

The tour will transform the way you read and understand the Bible. Throughout the tour, we will share the stories that you know well from the texts, in the very places where the events actually took place. (We are limiting the number of registrants to 45, one busload, allowing more time and opportunity to interact).

Anyone interested in biblical history and literature will find this tour refreshing and educational from beginning to end. We have no expectations regarding belief systems, politics, or faith orientations. All that is required to go on this tour is a strong orientation toward learning more about the Bible and its history, and the archaeological basis underpinning the rationale used by many archaeologists for using the biblical narrative as one means of informing the research on the ancient people and events of the Levant.

Here is a short video promo of the tour capturing some of the flavor of the experience:

 For more information on this exciting tour, please visit: http://www.blossomingrose.org/tours/2017.html