Horowitz's Prophetic Dream—1948!

As we slowly work through the thousands of pages of documents in the Horowitz archive there are multiple surprises around every corner. What we are uncovering is truly amazing. Mr. Horowitz never discarded anything and we have his papers going back to about 1924, with a few things earlier. He was in touch with just about every President, King, diplomat, and world leader you can name, and often worked behind the scenes in ways that are only now coming to light. We are carefully copying and filing all the materials and putting them into topical and chronological order. I would estimate there are at least 500,000 separate items. What we have found so far seems to easily lend itself to a biography that I feel compelled to work on, something like: The Life of David Horowitz: The Untold Story. There is a "behind the scenes" tale that has never been told. Right now Eve my daughter and I are about the only ones working on these materials, but we expect that to change in 2005 as we are at the point of soliciting both volunteers from interested UIWU people who are in the area, as well as raising funds to facilitate some more trained archival support. Funding for the Library is separate from the operational work of UIWU.

We recently came across this letter (see below), written in August 1948, to Abraham Fuhrman, who was a loyal supporter of UIWU and David's work in the early days. I found this profoundly moving and inspiring. The biblical Hebrew Prophet Joel speaks of the former and latter rains, prophetically, as does Hosea (see Joel 2-3; Hosea 5-6), and he says "afterwards" it will be that "your old men will dream dreams and your young men will see visions." David ferventy believed that the inauguration of the prophetic "last days," the "footsteps of the messiah," as the rabbis call it, did indeed begin in the late 1880s with the "return to Zion," and more particularly in 1927 with various prophetic events in the Holy Land. David recorded hundreds of his dreams and I am keeping them together as I go through them. Rarely does one get as clear as this one. And notice the date of the dream--the 9th of Ab!

This was months BEFORE the November, 1948 election, where everyone predicted Dewey as the winner! Horowitz had already been involved in the Spring of 1948 in some behind the scenes moves in both the newly constituted UN (influencing three Central American votes) and with President Truman via his staff, to influence things in favor of the establishment of the State of Israel. This dream comes after all that. I hope you will find this dream, which came on the "9th of Ab," as significant as I have.

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James Tabor

The little album he mentions in the letter with the different greetings from his trip to Palestine in 1924 we have here in the archives and it will go on display in special exhibit cases that we are having made which will showcase the originals of these and other historic documents related to Horowitz's life.

To refresh your memory of the 1948 election here is a good Web site:

1948: The Great Truman Surprise

New York Times declared, “Thomas E. Dewey’s Election as President is a Foregone Conclusion.” Top pollsters predicted a Dewey win, as did leading national political writers. In fact, with the exception of Truman, everyone else was certain Dewey would be elected. Months before the election, Life ran a cover of a picture of Dewey with a caption that read, “The Next President of the United States.” Headline after headline screamed Dewey as President.


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